Worn Fashion Journal call for submissions – issue 9


Submit to our will…

…or at least to our publication.

Worn call for submissions for ISSUE 9 (due for release in the fall of 2009)

Worn wants your ideas about fashion and style. We are especially interested in pieces with diverse political or cultural angles, and clothing articles from a non-traditional fashion perspective, as well as structured and well-researched explorations of fashion history, groundbreaking designers, aesthetic pioneers and all-around visionaries.

Think you’ve got something to say about fashion? Send us your ideas:
- Outline your idea clearly. Bullet points are fine, but don’t skimp on the detail.
- Include any research materials you plan to use (texts, interviews, personal experiences, etc.)
- Give us a rough estimate of the length of your proposed article.
- Include at least one writing sample (two samples are even better). Unpublished work is fine.

Are you a photographer? Send us your pitch for a photo shoot.
An illustrator? We need some drawings too.

If you are pitching a photo shoot, please let us know as much detail about your concept as is humanly possible, including location, model ideas and clothing style.

Worn will be accepting proposals for new articles throughout the month of January, 2009.
More information available under How To Submit.

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