WORN-a-licious! (Issue #5 and its awesome party…)


Oh, how we love Worn parties!

Yes, Worn Fashion Journal’s fifth issue has just been released, and the party thrown at the Main Hall was indeed a testament to just how pretty, fun-filled and fabulous the magazine, and its new baby, really is. As Tessa predicted, the room wasn’t much cooler than the freak 30-degree weather we had, packed as it was with bodies displaying gorgeous ensembles of dresses, shorts, shirts, and every possible combination of the above. Worn, darling, you draw a crowd!

I showed up early enough to catch the first ten people in the room in the act of quiet reading. As each person sat alone or with their friends, reading the new issue, I couldn’t help but feel utterly joyful. My inner (but not exactly hidden) bookworm, fashion lover, party gal… all faces of my who-knows-a-gon were delighted by the display! I read, swooned internally at nearby British accents, and fell in love with whoever behind me doled out fashion advice, such as how to save a pair of shoes from a tragic beer spill. (At least my new Preloved skirt can be washed easily.)

Besides the fifth issue, of course, the focus of the evening was a screening of twenty short films drawing from the theme of fashion. Imagine a loud, chatty room of people, mostly standing. Now imagine that room completely silent, absorbed in the array of Worn-ish interpretations. Bliss!

The films were a mix of seriously moving, seriously beautiful, and seriously funny, all blended together to create the DVD equivalent of that Classic Mixed Tape your best friend made you in grade nine. At times, watching was hard, as we all knew we’d have to vote for one film to win the grand prize of the night, a Super-8 camera (that works!) complete with the original manual, film, and a handmade carrying case. But we diligent fashionistas are not those who give up!

I laughed and fell in love with Ted Kulczincky’s The Real Me. I lost myself in the beauty and Joanna Newsom-esque wonderment of Bobby Reis’s Enora and Jessie May’s Northern Rhapsody. I grooved to the soundtrack of Sary Sehnaoui’s Don’t Fuck with My Cat, which added to my part mood. Most of all, I wished I could be as cutesy in heels as depicted in Keiko Saito’s Heels.

And then came the dancing! And the meet-and-greeting! And the glorious conversations about future plans with Miz Editrix, Serah-Marie McMahon! And oh, the mutual admissions of Too Many Drinkies.

Dearest Worn, we will love you forever, and forever will we attend your fabulous parties. Keep us on the invite list… and do be patient for photos à la Tristan and Marilis.

3 Responses to “WORN-a-licious! (Issue #5 and its awesome party…)”

  1. Worn Journal said:

    thank you so much for the kind words!

    I don’t ususally care about typos, especially with a ridiculous last name , but – it’s Ted Kulczycky, the guy you mentioned is, in fact, the unibomber.

  2. Lise Treutler said:

    oh wow, i just googled that and realized that i did, in fact, create a hybrid of a worn short film director and a bombing terrorist. WHOOPS. extreme apologies!

    (and hey, polish last names aren’t ridiculous… my family’s full of ‘em!)

  3. Lise Treutler said:

    hee, i just had a laugh at some (karmic?) typo fun over… how’s indydish for a new name? for the delicious dishing of all things indyish?


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