T.F. Rigelhof interview Part 3


T.F. Rigelhof is a critic, writer, and a Dawson College Humanities Professor. He was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and studied at the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Ottawa, and McMaster University. He has called Westmount, Québec home since 1973.

He’s written two books of fiction and numerous reviews of literature for “The Globe and Mail”. One of his best known works is “Blue Boy in a Black Dress” (and its revised and updated version “Nothing Sacred”) which is both his autobiography as well as an analysis of contemporary Canadian Catholicism with his thoughts on the state of religion in Canada.

Jonathan Stewart spoke to him last December in his office at Dawson where they discussed Can Lit, Religion, and more. Their interview will be presented in three parts.

Listen to the first part here and the second part here.

Oh! And here’s part three coming at you.

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