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I Will Talk With Anyone

I do end up talking with folks on the bus… on the street… in the line at grocery stores. Not to the extent that my mum will jump right in there and mess things up, but enough to make some introverted boyfriends uncomfortable. Artist Steve Lambert takes this mom principle of connection one sweet step [...]

Oddcast: Slow Dance Edition!

(lickety split oddcast no. 6 side b) Click on this link to play/download the oddcast: MMM a little warm up for the big slowdance prom on april 11 at sala rossa, promised to be “The Most Important Night of Your Life!” “Door Prize Pack Draws! A Lending Library of Resident Dancers! A Photobooth for the [...]

Photos: Worn Journal Heartbreak Karaoke Party

Here’s a small photo re-cap of last night (Valentines day) at Bar St-Laurent for Worn Journal’s FUN Karaoke party. There’s a few more on my flickr are well, andTristan has a lot more coming, I’m sure!

Photographer wanted!

needphotographer.gif Worn Journal is looking for people to take pictures for our website in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. You need not be professional, but you must have your own digital camera, be interested in the independent creating community, excited to meet new people and be part of a growing fashion publication and able to commit [...]

Certified Authentic – NY in April

Hello! An editor from Worn Journal is putting together a conference called Certified Authentic at Bard, some of you may be interested: Copying, whether as imitation or forgery, tribute or revival, is central to the production, consumption, and reception of decorative arts and design. From the banal to the illicit, the act of copying both [...]

Ottawa – Lady Fest and more on gender talkin

It’s difficult not to gently mock our nation’s capital for it’s under-abundance of independent culture, but I’m learning to ease up on poor O-town. After all, what they may lack in blazing electro hiphop or whathaveyou they make up for in earnest state sponsored stateliness which looks pretty under the snow, and pockets of serious [...]

Final day of Arterie sale!

There are several stores in Montreal that really do sales right. Arterie is one of them. The store celebrates each sale weekend with a Friday night in-store party, complete with drinks and finger foods! You’d better believe that I was there. Socializing with fellow lovers of local designers and friperie finds and getting fantastic deals on much-coveted wearables? Oh! Two loves with one kiss!

Artsy apartments and the melding of minds…

With our sixth Monthly Mess, themed “Back to Scoool” now behind us, I’m readying myself for the next challenge… actually going back to school! For a gal who’s been out of school and working full-time for a couple of years, this is a surreal switch from “the real world” to the microcosmic university world, a [...]

Blogger Hearts Worn! Worn hearts you!

Update from the ‘osphere – Serah sent me this online review she found of Worn. She knows I like to hear what people have to say about it, and how my secret neurotic ego likes to hear buzz about the book review. I’m one of those people who pulls their hair out, moans melodramatically, paces [...]

Summer and Worn Issue 4 launch photos!

You know its summer when people start mixing drinks with lemonade! Well, ok, maybe I just want an excuse to point out that it’s summer. The spring wardrobe didn’t even have time to make an appearance and a kick and a twirl out into the world before we headed right into ice cream parlours and [...]

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