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Mens – Bike/Olive

Mens - Bike/Olive

Womens – Lilies


Womens – Three Dhalia

Womens - Three Dhalia white/blue/bleach, wrapped to back

Womens – Dhalia

Womens - Yellow Dhalia

Womens – Dhalia and Stars

Womens - Dhalia and Stars

Womens – City and Stars

Women's City and Stars

Mens – Bike

Bike in Blue

Mens – Dhalia/Stars


Mens – Angry Dog

close up on the angry puppy stencil

Animalerie T-Shirt 1.

Hey. Hey you. What do you have against animals anyway? You don’t like turtles? Horsies? Doggies? Birdies? That bird is in a cage by the way. You think you’re better than that bird in the cage? These shirts not only have cute animals on them, but they also hang off the body like nobody’s business. [...]

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