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Handmade Guitar Strap – The US Constitution

We The People of Project TransAction understand that there can be many sides to someone. For those hard rocking, well read, bookish types: The Constitution Guitar Strap. This two piece cowhide strap comes complete with 20” adjustment strap and measures 36” x 2 1/2”. Made from genuine leather with a soft suede backing and printed [...]

Leather Guitar Strap- Flying Birds in Gold

This strap features hand printed gold images of a bird in flight inspired by the work of artist Edweard Muybridge. It an be used with any standard existing hardware-easily converts for strap locks. This two piece strap comes complete with 20” adjustment strap and measures 36” x 2 1/2”. Custom screening always available- please start [...]

Leather Guitar Strap Screenprinted Bears

These gorgeous accessories start off as simple 100% genuine leather standard length straps with full stitching. A padded shoulder area is then created by riveting soft and supple screenprinted leather around the top section to stop any tight cutting feeling from the weight of your instrument. The strap is then embellished with other hand printed [...]

Handmade Lime Green Leather Belt

Solid plain green leather belt. Available in your shade choice: lime, forest, olive, or chartreuse. The technique of hand applying various shades of dye creates a subtle woodgrain-like effect and brings out the rich tones that you see in the photos. All belts are made to order and will be printed onto your color choice [...]

Leather Belt Iconic Eyes

Our process starts with natural vegetable tanned raw leather which is hand-screened, hand-dyed and hand-set with steel or brass rivets. Graphics are printed in water based ink; color is hand tinted then applied using eco-flo, low VOC leather dye. The dying process involves custom tinting eco-friendly dye and applying many layers in order to get [...]

They Might Be Giants presents…John + John’s Quiz Game!

They Might Be Giants has released an interactive quiz game online for kids, and for adults who enjoy bright colours and learning. The Here Comes Science Game tests your knowledge of science, and your ability to listen to poppy songs with video clues and questions. Answer 12 questions right out of 18 and win a [...]

The Bullseye Belt

Red Leather Belt Branded with Circle, Bulls-eye, Target Pattern   Gorgeous and stylish yet simple, this handmade belt features a bullseye design heat branded onto a genuine leather. Each detail is carefully hand branded to create this stunning pattern. A beautiful item hand made to last a lifetime. All belts are made to order and [...]

Symphony of Science – Carl Sagan Remix Redux + MP3

We are all connected, and when wise artists remix scientists to make dance music I feel like my mind gets stretched wider then by science alone, and as the beat shakes me from folicles to feet, our universal interconnection is increasingly undeniable. MP3 available at http://www.symphonyofscience.com. “We Are All Connected” was made from sampling Carl [...]

The Lady Racer Cuff by Project TransAction

Add some edge to your look with this simple, elegant design from Project TransAction. This euro inspired cuff is entirely handmade from super soft reclaimed black leather and features cutout negative space for a sleek and sexy look on any wrist. The simple design secures to your wrist with one steel snap.

Art and Science feedback loops into Space – video

This first video shares a museum exhibit that links space fiction, comics, movies and lego with artefacts from actual space exploration, aknowledging and embracing the way imagination and narrative have driven us out into the stars. Something which Star Trek scientists and fans have been comfortably pointing out for decades.

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