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Love for Live Shows: You Won’t + Alcoholic Faith Mission

When you walk through the gap between worlds back of Casa into a show where slim woodsy men are on the floor by the door, steps away from you instead of up over there on the empty lit stage that misses them, and one is playing a saw and one is standing on a chair [...]

Fringe Review: Blink Blink Blink

Many people were turned away from Blink Blink Blink last night (including my mum, but I’m not bitter). The show sold out partly due to some particularly good buzz, especially on the actual handwritten buzz notes that get pasted up on the wall at the Fringe’s open-air headquarters on Rachel and St. Laurent. That’s why [...]

Fringe Review: Zack Adams Love Songs for Future Girl

Picking which fringe shows to go to is a bit of an art, if not a full-on lottery. I go based on a gut affinity to the title and blurb, and reviews if I can find any, though I always suspect them of having been written by friends of the acts and it feels unfair [...]

Fringe Review: Acte

Acte, a play by Lars Noren (translated from German to French by Jean-Marie Piemme and Sabine Vandermissen), is one of the more sombre dramatic offerings of the Fringe Festival this year. The two characters are a female prisoner and a male interrogator who claims to be a doctor there to do a routine examination of [...]

Belle manière: A Review

There’s a knife on my desk, next to my computer. When I’m done writing this review, I’ll take the knife and stab myself repeatedly. Don’t worry. It’s a retractable blade, a plastic knife. Ashlea Watkin (sublime, as always) is quite poised when she walks onstage for Nicolas Cantin’s Belle manière. She is wearing a nice [...]

Songs: A Review

Three women. A koto player, a singer, a dancer. East meets West. Music meets dance. Voice meets bodies. At the back of the stage, a single passage of light. The dancer travels through the light; the light travels through the dancer. The voice: a woman from another time, from another planet. A woman from another [...]

Costing not less than everything: une critique

C’est le souvenir le plus marquant de tout mon temps au primaire. Elle était venue dans chacune de nos classes en début d’année scolaire pour se présenter. J’oublie aujourd’hui son nom et la nature exacte de son rôle pédagogique. Ce qui ressortait à mes yeux d’enfant était ses béquilles : une à chaque main. C’était [...]

Entity: A Review

A dog runs incessantly but forever remains in the same spot. It is Muybridge’s dog. It is a video loop. The dog can run without ever becoming tired, but also without ever getting anywhere. A movement emptied out of its functionality. A movement for study. A dance movement. British choreographer Wayne McGregor turns ten dancers [...]

Four Quartets: A Review

I’ve never been able to read with my ears. This tragedy has made it so that, despite my best and nerdiest intentions, I have failed to get into This American Life. So part of me feels that I’ve somewhat missed out on the experience that is Deborah Dunn’s Four Quartets. Not that the choreographer’s dance [...]

BJM Danse Montréal: A Review

It is with a feeling of dread that I write this review. The same feeling inhabited me last night when I was watching the triple program offered by BJM Danse. It is a feeling that I would rather shrug off, but that persists as I sit down to write. I am hoping that acknowledging it [...]

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