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Installation Tits: How To Be A “Successful” Female Indie-Rap Music Journalist

Be no older than nineteen. Be a Suicidegirl. All weirdo indie rappers love Suicidegirls, without exception, because Suicidegirls remind them of girl versions of themselves. Thus, your soft core punk rock porno photos are you ticket backstage forever. You will never be more beautiful than you are at this stage of life. Doors will open for you because you are [...]

Structures of Want – photo + poem

In the tower of greed you keep the cash but you die of the thirst that brought you there. In the dome of excellence, you become extreme, are one with your passion, but miss the four seasons. In the skyscraper of villainy you con the just, but drown in the river of oblivion, belly up. [...]

Cadence Weapon Poet Laureate – poetry reading + press conference video

Roland Pemberton, delivers his first official work as Poet Laureate to Edmonton City Council. Pemberton, Edmonton’s third Poet Laureate, is a musician, record producer, writer and poet. He is a lifelong Edmontonian whose hip hop albums have been nominated for numerous awards and he was the unanimous choice of the Poet Laureate selection committee. “This [...]

Moments Into The Blue Night – photo + poem

shall I open my eyes and tune the instruments? create the occasion where we ought to be? In the place just right central to our delight. syncopate our movements clutching our hands tight. recognizing the hour to begin our life. radical dances in the blue moonlight.

The Depths

Main Entry: submerged wash, bathed, behind the curtain, behind the scenes, between the lines, buried, camouflaged, concealed, covert, cryptic, debased, delitescent, deluged, depressed, dipped, disguised, dormant, downcast, downthrown, drenched, dribbling, dripping, dripping wet, drowned, engulfed, esoteric, fallen, flooded, hibernating, hidden, immersed, imperceptible, indiscernible, insensible, inundated, invisible, latent, low, lowered, lurking, macerated, muffled, mystic, obfuscated, obscured, occult, [...]

The Assembled – poem + photo by Roger Guetta

At any particular moment the greatest drama can unfold. The actors testify and the overall design is of concentric circles in motion. Shouts are interspersed with cries and the tempo is uneven. A detailed procession of the holy spin, turn and form angular arches. All take part, but few retain the gestures needed to make [...]

black bird beckonings

the creek bed leaks here, the black birds beckon a call to home; to black toes, to fingers like worms that know the earth, and the horns of a small red heart and apple cheeks that cast no reflection.

Rutting Season – poetry review

Upon receipt of their latest chapbook, entitled Rutting Season, I have decided that the people at Buffalo Runs Press are kindred spirits in the very Anne of Green Gables, clap your hands delighted, squeakyhappy sense of the word. I really like this little book. Rutting Season contains work by three poets, Ariel Gordon, Linda Besner, [...]

dermoglyphes – photograph

under the skin, there is a second song. notes in parallel, or in opposites. we scald the self in search of these. photos every mon – fri 11:30 AM

escape the frame – photo and poem by Roger Guetta

escape the frame nod your head burst into laughter whisper something look up and smile absorb the meaning take your rightful place kick monumental butt repeatedly and unrelentingly allow emotions to flow close the deal lose control dream to dream express it transcend it sweet geometry effortless wondrous own it seize the moment struggle suffer [...]

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