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Nick Cave iPhone app + videos

Nick Cave has written another novel, The Death of Bunny Munrow, and released a complimentary iPhone App which includes video, music, and recordings of him reading. Check out Nick Cave’s Novels Go to Source: INTERACTIVE: Nick Cave iPhone App/Audiobook

3 Day Novel Project Gears up Again! Rousing Writers since 1977

Amazing things (and also crappy things) can get done in very small amounts of time – the good news with an art project like the 3 Day Novel, even if the end result is non-masterpiecey, is that you get to squeeze that set of ideas out of your system and into the world and waste [...]

Create music for a good chance to win 500$ and a signed copy of a new great Canadian novel!

If you read this blog with studious thoroughness you’ve seen author Sean Dixon read from his great novel, “The Girls Who Saw Everything”, published by great Canadian indie publishers COACH HOUSE Anansi before (Apologies for my mistake – both presses are awe inspiring and great!) If not, well, that’s shocking, but ok, here’s a refresher. [...]

A Novel Project

A Novel Project is a fictional compilation. Each chapter will be composed by a different writer, which will keep the flow and mood of the project unique, spontaneous, and unpredictable. Each chapter should be anywhere from 10 to 25 pages in length or 2,500 to 6,000 words, exceptions can and will be made according to [...]

Photo of the Day – Uke Making

The other day I bought a purple ukulele and Elran and I wandered through old Montreal and China town just strumming along. The ukulele is a special little thing, it makes a pluky joyful noise and the 4 nylon strings make it pretty easy to play and if you’re smallish like me it fits it [...]

Kurdish Publishing – another perspective on Independence

A Kurdish publisher claims to have taken a major step towards a new degree of freedom of the press for Kurdistan in releasing Ghazalnus and the Gardens of Imagination and paying the author. Should give you pause if you’re out there trumpeting simplistic ideologies of indie like “never signing with any publisher or label” because [...]

Coming Soon: A review of Jill Murray’s “Break On Through”, care of Alanah

It’s true. Alanah stole my copy of Break On Through and is enjoying it thoroughly. I’ve been waiting eagerly to get my hands on Jill Murray‘s young adult b-girl novel. I finally got my very own copy this week only to have it snagged. As Alanah pointed out I was reading three other books already [...]

Post-Rapture graphic novel at geekmontreal

Hey guys — the Montrealler artist of Therefore Repent!, my graphic novel, is going to be giving a projected dramatic presentation of the book at the next Geek OUT! in Montreal on Sat. Feb 23. Location: MUCS Dining Coop, 2000 Northcliffe, suite 218 (corner De Maisoneuve, near Vendome metro) The Mirror did this nice article [...]

Collaborative Stories, Collaborative Blogs

Well, I started a post about 2 different examples of “open source storytelling.” But this isn’t it. My post ran away with me and turned into a relatively nerdy diatribe on the subject of open source licenses applied to storytelling, and a critique of the Million Penguins project. I decided to post it on OpenJournalMontreal [...]

Fishing for Voices – Colum McCann at Concordia

A Guest Contribution from Nathan Murray Ireland is a bit of a curious nation in terms of its literary production. English profs love readings by Irish writers because of their themes of oppression and their outside perspective on Anglo-American culture,while the younger crowd go to readings by Irish writers for the sexy Irish accents (and [...]

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