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St-Ambroise Montréal Fringe MEGA ALL-STAR Fundraiser & Auction

Launch your FRINGE season with the St-Ambroise Montréal FRINGE MEGA ALL-STAR Fundraiser & Auction! Our biggest and baddest fundraiser of the year! There will an ALL-STAR set of Fringe past and present performers, getting you ready for this year’s Fringe Festival, taking place from May 30 until June 19th, 2011. You’ll get a taste of [...]

Improv Madness tonight!

Looking for an adventure of a show, where the outcome will be unknown, but promises to be a fun as all hell? Then folks head on down to this month’s Mess, the Improv Madness is happening at Il Motore, 179 Jean-Talon Ouest. We’ll be featuring: Uncalled For, On the Spot, The Bitter End, Montreal Improv [...]

Buy The Uncalled For Bus!

Way back at Fringe 2007, Indyish worked with member graffiti artists Peru and GBlott to organize the painting of cars by world renowned graffiti artists, and one very special bus.. and now that bus is for sale! From the handsome hairs behind Uncalled For: Uncalled For is selling their bus! For those who don’t know, [...]

Montreal Fringe Reviews :: More Shows to see! :: Part 2 (and final)

Naughty Little Children by Chelsea P. Manders Come meet Lucy, a new fresh day care teacher, who has decided to open her own Daycare, and take responsibility of little children (the audience). Chelsea P. Manders’ Naughty Little Children, invites you into the life of “Lucy” (acutally Tiffany), as she attempts to recover her life, (what’s [...]

Montreal Fringe Reviews :: Some Fantastic Shows to see! :: Part 1

Aspen Switzer’s Take You With Me By far one of my favourite shows at the Montreal Fringe Festival this year! Aspen Switzer’s music is just as beautiful as the show she has put together bringing you on a journey on getting to know the performer herself. Her wit, humour, and perceptive take on what a [...]

Heads up! Uncalled For hosting the Griffintown Mess!

I am delighted to be able to announce that the beloved performers, improvisers, and award winning script writers who call themselves Uncalled For will be hosting our Indyish MonthlyMess this weekend in Griffintown. Sept 13. Yay! I just found out, figured I’d share asap, so after this quick blog I’ll update the Event page. From [...]

Improvisation conference at Suoni Festival this weekend

On top of a month-long itinerary of amazing shows, Suoni Per Il Popolo is collaborating with The Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium at the University of Guelph and McGill University in Montreal to put together this weekend’s Improvisation Colloquium. I really really wish I could go, but I’m working both days. If you’ve got any free [...]

Tete a Tete Without Annette at the Montreal Fringe

This time chatting with Mark of Without Annette improv who have a show in this year’s Montreal Fringe called Argument with a Dolphin. Check out the Indyish review of Argument With a Dolphin!

Fringe Review 5: Blastback Babyzap

Haiku Review: yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Uncalled for, oh won’t you move into my house and perform for me at my beck and call? You can sleep in the corner. It’s kinda comfy. The follow-up to last year’s sensation THUNDERSPANK! a personal [...]

Fringe Review 3: Argument with a Dolphin

review haiku: improvised silly this train to cincinnati happily goes nowhere Amid some truly inspired moments, such as the titular “Argument with a Dolphin,” this train ride to Cincinnati (yours will invariably be a different trip) kept the chuckles coming fairly regularly. Watching improv is hit or miss, but Without Annette cleverly gets the audience [...]

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