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Eatsleepdraw? Submit your drawings to an online community of illustrators

Eat Sleep Draw is a really simple blog that lets anyone submit their art for web publication. All we ask from contributors is that all the drawings, doodles, paintings, and sketches be 100% made by you. All posts will be approved before being live on the site. :) Submit your work or receive updates when [...]

Indyish Assembly 2.0-Instructions for illustrators

Here’s the email that was sent to Assembly illustrators who have sent us a Celtx username. We are waiting for usernames from the rest of the illustrators and will send them this message when we receive it. Once we run out of Assembly scripts to hand off, we will be assigning illustrators to sections of [...]

Indyish Assembly 2.0-Read the scripts and start drawing

Wooo!! June 1st!! St. Viateur Street Fest!!! Fringe starts in a week!!! And on this day around the world…… The Indyish Assembly 2.0 finishes its first leg!!! Scriptwriting ended last night at midnight (Pacific Time) and today the scripts get passed to artists who will have until the start of the Fringe (June 7th) to [...]

Looking for illustrators for Assembly 2.0 Art Relay

Indyish is looking for visual artists for its latest collaborative project, The Assembly 2.0 Art Relay. Throughout May, writers around the world are building 10 minute scripts from a shared piece of original Canadian theatre. Each script needs to be illustrated before being passed to theatre teams and gif animators in June, who will have [...]

The Assembly 2.0 Press Release

Indyish Assembly 2.0 Art Relay For immediate release …. Assembly Update Announcment here! …. Announcing Indyish.com’s latest collaborative art project, Assembly 2.0: a relay for writers, directors, actors, illustrators, musicians and animators. Assembly 1.0 was the first Indyish art relay experiment, and Indyish’s first teaming with Celtx.com. It ran from Feb- March 2007 and brought [...]

Assembly Screening and Poster

In case you haven’t been religiously following this blog or stalking me, here’s the deal with The Assembly that you may have heard whispered about somewhere lately. Since February 10th, more than 60 artists around the city have been involved in a collaborative art-making relay called The Assembly. All month, art projects have passed from [...]

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