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Venue Stories – Tricycle Media

This venue is unofficial, and buried deep in the bowels of the horror-movie perfect old building at 1180 St.Antoine, in the perpetual shadow of the Bell Amphitheater (or whoever the title sponsor is now). It’s actually the studio of a small collective of painters / visual artists / artistsgenerally who call themselves and their space [...]

i-outlaw Unfurls Episode 2.7

i-outlaw is a poetry and music podcast that scours the internet to bring you the best in online poetry and beyond. Episode 2.7 features the poetry of Sheila E. Murphy. If you’re not in the loop, ripping from her Wikipedia entry, Sheila E. Murphy, born in Mishawaka, Indiana, is an American text and visual poet [...]

Get Ready to Collide with The Subcollisions

The Monthly Mess V; is it the fifth month already?, is a-knocking on the the door, down the back alley, behind the fish monger, through the mouse infested restaurant, past the whiskey swilling piano player, down the lonely street and up the steps into wherever this Mess will bring you on Wednesday July 25th. All [...]

An UpDate on Denitia Odigie – Working For A Great Cause

Hi, I’ve played in North Carolina and New York City with Dan Cohen. I’ve gotten some good press and some interesting press. I’ve started projects, shed some projects, joined a band, lent some background vocals to others, sold my amplifier and written a lot of new songs.. So if you haven’t seen or heard from [...]

The Question of Money Has Been Raised – Monthly Mess Transparency

The Monthly Mess is approaching its 4th monthly installment (June 27th, at the Playhouse 5656 Parc) and has had well over 40 artists involved and many hundreds of attendees as well. In an effort to broach the often embarrassing or uncomfortable question of money (bling, clams, cash, bucks, kuai, coin, ka-ching) or lack thereof, I [...]

Indyish at Fringe 2007

Indyish is tangled up in a whole slew of events for the Montreal Fringe Festival 2007. We’re proud and pleased as punch to pitch in. Multiple Day / Multiple Venue Events: The Pre-Fringe Radio Play Series – Podcast Shows click here The Assembly 2.0 The international collaborative art relay touches ground with optional meets during [...]

The May Monthly Mess Has a Little Somethin’ Somethin’ for Everyone

Well, the wheels of time continue to turn and as such, the third installment of the eclectic Monthly Mess is about to commence. Photo by wakalani – CC Attribution Share Alike. The May Mess is chock-full of great artists of many disciplines. So where should you be on Wednesday May 30th??? at The Green Room. [...]

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore… but in Homonumos Magazine part.2

This is the continuing interview with Christine Bellerose and Virginie Mangin from Homonumos magazine. Homonumos is a multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary, art, science, beyond real classifications journal. It aims to incorporate elements of the human condition into a classy, easily accessible magazine that is for earth, literally. They are seeking submissions so get in touch and be [...]

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore… but in Homonumos Magazine part.1

I thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with people that are doing something to bring the various faces facets of the human condition/experience to light. I like people that really take the extra steps to make what their ideas are into something tangible and real. Not just thinking that the ideas are the end but bringing [...]

Hurry, Less than 15 Hours left to Download Free E-Books of Poetry

Poetry Super Highway whose purpose is stated as “The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible.” has offered the next t-minus 15 hours and counting to provide who and whatever the opportunity to download free e-books. This is a wonderful way to [...]

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