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Children + A Few Minutes of Lock: A Review

It’s with a bang that Nigel Charnock’s Children begins. A stroboscopic light flashes on and off while the loud music track, an operatic female voice, is skipping. Louise Lecavalier comes out swiftly walking on all four legs, animalistic. Her movement is broken down by the strobe, which turns it into a series of still images. [...]

Working through Pain in Suites cruelles

If it were not for the title of Hélène Blackburn’s new choreographic work, Suites cruelles, the beginning of the piece would lead one to believe that we are in for an evening with a casual feel. As we walk in the room, the performers are already warming up onstage. The walls are completely bare in [...]

What Happened to Bodies, Part 1

Drowning in schoolwork, I have disappeared from Indyish this past month. This is not to say however that I have not found the time to excessively indulge as usual in the Montreal dance scene, seeing work after work in an effort to cash in on all the dance available before things calm down for the [...]

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