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Edge of the City Live Podcast One • LIVE SHOW @ MONTREAL IMPROV

Back on February 17th, we recorded a live performance at Montreal Improv, featuring music the beautiful voice Elgin-Skye, the remarkable poetry of Moe Clark, a Confabulation story by Stephanie Robert, an awesome stand up set from Kirsten Rasmussen and ending off our night an awesome performance by Brie Neilson and her Othermen. Brie, has one [...]

Edge of the City LIVE PODCAST EVENT!

Since starting the show back in February, we set a series of goals for ourselves and started planning a few side projects. We started simple, by covering the local arts and culture scene and introducing you to new music, films, books, politics, comedy and much more! From there, we opened our doors and brought in [...]

Fringe Review: Blink Blink Blink

Many people were turned away from Blink Blink Blink last night (including my mum, but I’m not bitter). The show sold out partly due to some particularly good buzz, especially on the actual handwritten buzz notes that get pasted up on the wall at the Fringe’s open-air headquarters on Rachel and St. Laurent. That’s why [...]

Fringe Review: Zack Adams Love Songs for Future Girl

Picking which fringe shows to go to is a bit of an art, if not a full-on lottery. I go based on a gut affinity to the title and blurb, and reviews if I can find any, though I always suspect them of having been written by friends of the acts and it feels unfair [...]

Mr. Pink – I Need a New TV

Mr. Pink is described as “the bastard step-child of elton john and weird al yankovich, if that were biologically possible” and he has the voice and silly rhyme schemes to justify both comparisons. Thanks for your sweet note Mr. Pink, we heart you too.

How about some Dance-Mess?

With a new year comes new shows, new ideas and new festivals! Just a week away is the first Monthly Mess of 2010, and it’s taking part in a new Dance Festival in Montreal! CoMotion Farm‘s Dance Week, starts on Monday night at MainLine Theatre (3997 St. Laurent, just below Duluth). The festival offers everything [...]

Sketch Comedy Writing Classes

After years of helping to create award-winning sketch comedy shows with Uncalled For and keeping the secrets of how to do so greedily to himself like so many hoarded magical amulets, Uncalled For’s perpetually tall Anders Yates is getting ready to spread the wisdom of the ages that can facilitate the writing of goofy scenes. [...]

Top Ten Shows of 2009

Once And For All We’re Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up And Listen, Alexander Devriendt A dozen teenagers left patronizing narratives behind and instead communicated their experience through a series of impressionistic tableaux. Using almost exclusively physical theatre, they were able to offer a refreshingly amoral take on adolescence that was bursting [...]

Ricky Gervais and Elmo – video

Little Saturday comedy for you friends, in celebration of Sesame Street‘s 40th anniversary and of all the good puppets have brought to our lives in general – yay for anthropomorphized fabric bringing savvy joy.

Stylophone Hip Hop – music video

Hope to make you smile… the world is crazy, but the people in it are relentlessy surprising and fall-in-loveable, here’s more proof in the form of a hip hop medley:

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