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Monthly Mess 4 Part 2 – The Video

The second half of the fourth Monthly Mess began with a burlesque act, followed by poetry from Christine Bellerose and Mofocoso, and music from Mars Hill.

june Mess – just the venue

As you might know, we decided right after our first Mess that we wanted to keep the show travelling, instead of staying in one venue. We knew this would make it a bit harder to build a regular following, but the exploratory and adventurous fun is worth it. We get to know the venues in [...]

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore… but in Homonumos Magazine part.2

This is the continuing interview with Christine Bellerose and Virginie Mangin from Homonumos magazine. Homonumos is a multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary, art, science, beyond real classifications journal. It aims to incorporate elements of the human condition into a classy, easily accessible magazine that is for earth, literally. They are seeking submissions so get in touch and be [...]

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore… but in Homonumos Magazine part.1

I thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with people that are doing something to bring the various faces facets of the human condition/experience to light. I like people that really take the extra steps to make what their ideas are into something tangible and real. Not just thinking that the ideas are the end but bringing [...]

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