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striped skirt

photo striped skirt

tight pin up capri

yellow capri  photo

simpler mini leggings

simpler mini legging


You know those shirts that are almost-but-not-quite long enough to be dresses? This slip looks good those shirts. dresses. shresses.


The spirals of the Fibonacci sequence are folded into ruffles along the hem of this grey wool skirt and the effect is gently innovative. Also, bum flattering.


The Eve skirt is adjustable- you just pull gently on the silver chains with their little pearls and the whole thing gathers into a new shape. The skirt is the product of a fertile collaboration between Re-Jen and Pearls Before Swine.

Puffed Lace Skirt.

The wide waist band is slimming, which is good if you are into that. Also, it’s comfy when you have a bellyfull. Black lace gives it that hint of darkness, and potentially even a sexy suggestion that one is up to no good, without ruining the silly splenour of holiday satin. Shown with lace bolero, [...]

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