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i-outlaw Unfurls Episode 2.7

i-outlaw is a poetry and music podcast that scours the internet to bring you the best in online poetry and beyond. Episode 2.7 features the poetry of Sheila E. Murphy. If you’re not in the loop, ripping from her Wikipedia entry, Sheila E. Murphy, born in Mishawaka, Indiana, is an American text and visual poet [...]

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore… but in Homonumos Magazine part.1

I thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with people that are doing something to bring the various faces facets of the human condition/experience to light. I like people that really take the extra steps to make what their ideas are into something tangible and real. Not just thinking that the ideas are the end but bringing [...]

Episode 21 of The Countdown is Out With Your Poetry Intake

The newest installment, episode #21, of the very modern internet poetry show The Countdown is now racing through the wide, tangled web expanse of the internet. The show focuses on the most current of online poetry that is posted on personal blogs and/or poetry group blogs. Marcacci; poised on poetry The Countdown episode 21 21-the-countdown.mp3 [...]

junKbox Takes the Reigns and Adds Numbers to ‘The Countdown’

As esoterically small as poetry circles usually are, there is a steady increase in online groups. www.miporadio.net is perhaps one of the largest internet poetry sites, featuring podcasts, poetry, as well as specialized poetry shows. ‘The Countdown’ is one such show. It is hosted by US poet Bob Marcacci and now is produced by your [...]

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