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Suoni Wrapup – Indyish reviews, videos, and photos from Suoni per il Popolo 2008

Suoni Per Il Popolo is a month-long celebration of “avant garde and experimental liberation music” that takes place at Casa del Popolo and Sala Rossa in Montreal. This year’s festival ran from June 1-30 and marked the 8th edition of Suoni. Check out Indyish’s coverage of Suoni below: Reviews by Indyish artists of Tren Brothers, [...]

Interview and Experiments with Thomas Buckner on the Podcast

Thomas Buckner, a player in the emergence of free improv and the American avant garde in the 1960′s and 70′s, in decades since has traveled the world performing and supporting the development of contemporary classical and experimental music. And Thomas Buckner was our honoured guest yesterday for an Indyish interview and jam. Beyond being called [...]

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore… but in Homonumos Magazine part.1

I thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with people that are doing something to bring the various faces facets of the human condition/experience to light. I like people that really take the extra steps to make what their ideas are into something tangible and real. Not just thinking that the ideas are the end but bringing [...]

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