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Got this sweet email from Brooklyn’s Secondstar, comes complete with a free EP full of songs from far away friends whistling for you and me to come find them and they follow their drums and croaky pretty repetition like a chant from the light to the dark.

Here’s one of the free Secondstar songs, called Ravens:

<a href="">Ravens by secondstar</a>


hi indyish –

would you guys consider listening/posting about a new album? i think you’ll like it…

i have a musical project called ‘Secondstar’ with a new EP out called ‘Teeth’ – the new album is alt-folk-rock with guitar, banjo, layered vocals, drums, cello and whistling – with bunches of harmonies.

you can listen/download the new album for free at favorite track is probably ‘Tied to the Mast’, or ‘Great Machine’. if you like, i’d love to post you a copy. (the cd’s are pressed but the covers are handmade.)

other info :: i live in brooklyn. and a follow-up EP called ‘Feets’ should be out later this winter. i posted another blurb/bio about myself at the bottom…

kind regards,


liam carey / secondstar
New Album ‘Teeth’ ( listen/download free online [mp3/ogg/flac] ) ::
Myspace ::

=-=- Blurb/Bio =-=-=-=-

some more info about myself and my songs…

I perform as ‘Secondstar’, a folk-pop act with smooth harmonies and thoughtful melodies. I live in Brooklyn now, but i’ve been all over. My mom is french, my dad is american, so i grew up traveling. I’ve lived in a lot of different places. ( And I still love traveling – several years ago, i took a train from Hong Kong all the way to France. Then I got on a boat to Florida. Then I drove all the way to California. It took a long…long time. ) And over time, my music has changed from dark american folk ballads to more melodic songs. I record my songs in my bathroom because that is the only room in my apartment that is quiet. Sometimes, I get up at 6am and sit awkwardly on my toilet and playing guitar into a microphone. The guitar and voices are mine (except for a few small parts sung by friends). The harmonies are made by carefully layering one vocal on top of another.

My new EP ‘Teeth’ was recorded mostly in Paris last year with some good friends playing other instruments (attached a photo of a few of us playing in Paris :)

=-= Other News/Press =-=-

“Meditative, wistful, harmony-laced, and lacking any introduction whatsoever, [the song] “Tied to the Mast” envelops us instantly in its welcoming vocal layers.”

– Fingertips ::

“This five song EP from Secondstar contains nice, smooth, hummable, melodic pop. This band is all about songs. Strong songs with smart lyrics…and some rather heavenly harmony vocals. ..from what we’re hearing, we’d bet these folks have a helluva full-length coming up in the very near future…”
– babysue ::

“Teeth boasts a mature, eerie quality, transcending many of his contemporaries. ”
– 3Hive ::

One Response to “Secondstar – free indie EP”

  1. Nordé *le studio* said:

    Oh! but it is really serious stuff here. What a song! Supported so well by these powerful arrangments. After 30 second, I was a fan.

    Thanks again Risa.


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