Review – Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, Sala Rossa, November 11


Montreal’s current love affair with country, folk, bluegrass and other bluesy-rootsy type music was in full effect with Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs at Sala on Remembrance Day, an appropriate landmark in which to be celebrating a show that had vital nods to the evolution of the American blues. The room was gushing with love for Ms. Goglightly, who politely gushed right back, melting hearts with her charmingly soulful voice, and humbly deadpan stage presence. Perhaps I’m just a sucker for anyone in a British accent, but the moment she looked out into the crowd and said, “Hello there,” I was completely and totally hers. Her partner-in-crime Lawyer Dave drenched the room in some uber-groovy slide work, while laying down the percussion and sharing vocal duties. His between-songs banter was pretty fucking funny too, and the chemistry between the two is just bang on. The songs provided playful takes on well-worn blues themes: the potential disaster inherent in riding elevators, the potential disaster inherent in Jagermeister, and the potential danger inherent in marriage, religion, and just about everything else. There was a lot to like about this show, but for me it was all about the bloody and sweet range of emotions Holly Golightly manages to pack into her voice, which proves to cut sharper than even the dustiest 45.

Here’s Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs in el Primavera Sound a few months ago:

Lots more Holly Golightly Videos.

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