On co-hosting the Midnightpoutine Podcast + good news!


Today I had the pleasure of co-hosting Jeremy Morris’ amazing weekly labour of love for the local live music scene. Indyish has exchanged a lot of blog high fives with Midnight Poutine over the years, in the nerdy way we do, and if you’re interested in delving into that tawdry (kidding) history this might be best, but today I got to watch Mr. Morris in action, with his heaps of careful notes and cd’s, talking into the wall, and it was damn fun. We just might do that again some time soon. Also, we’re going to work on getting him to host an Indyish show, help me out if you see him..

Mess Dec 1 2008 We talked quite a bit about the upcoming Indyish Mixtape Mess (Monday December 1 2008) the artists and academics we get to work with this time round, the ideas behind it and why we were exploring mixtapes in the first place (aside from the fact that Monday nights at Blizzarts, produced by photographer Liam Maloney, are already called Mixtapes because they always feature a different artist or group. Which I forgot to mention, but is totally what inspired the whole thing. I inevitably forget something.)

A mixtape is such a nice, small, intimate act of ordering. The intangible Mixtapeness that emerges between maker, songs, and intended audience is cool, and mixtapes make obvious something that might be difficult to argue but is nonetheless true – once you create a song it doesn’t just belong to you. There is another kind of value to it that is mine because I listened to it and lots of other kinds of values that are other peoples as it’s shared, and they’re out there on the mixtapes… Anyway, you get the gist of where my yammering went today in Jeremy Morris’ cozy home recording studio.

Now have a listen and let me know if, between beautiful indie songs, and friendly nerd vibes, we managed to keep you entertained!

Midnight Poutine Podcast Nov 26 2008

And hey, on top of that, here’s some fun news, you’ll be able to find the podcast on Indyish.com/podcast from now on, because Mr.Morris is joining the perpetual mixtape that is Indyish! Yay!

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