Advertising Options

Why ?

  • more affordable than traditional print forms of advertisement
  • support independent artists and help to keep the website running
  • gain exposure to a highly artistic, educated, active and entrepreneurial network
  • benefit from the ongoing publicity and media coverage surrounding our network (write ups in the Hour, Mirror, Gazette; CTV segment; CBC radio interviews)

What you Get ?

Your ad unit is placed in the top-righthand corner of every single page on the Indyish website, for an entire month.

Specifications: graphic (jpg, gif, png)

  • option 1 – Text link ad in lower sidebar
  • option 3 – 125 X 125 px square ad (graphic) in top of sidebar
  • option 2 – 250 X 50 px banner ad (graphic) in lower sidebar

Advertisers / Sponsors of

Aside from the dozens of small independent art companies whose ads have appeared on our site, we’ve worked with a number of prominent organizations:

  • St-Ambroise
  • Moog Audio
  • Soundcraft Canada
  • CinePool
  • Demoulin (St-Catherine)

Event Partners + Sponsors

  • Fringe Montreal
  • POP Montreal
  • Club Lambi
  • Lola and Emily
  • Club Soda
  • Contemporary Arts Museum of Montreal
  • Mile End Cultural Centre
  • Acting Studio of Montreal

What are our Demographics ?

- see Quantcast (objective 3rd-party) data here: traffic rank by country:

– see Alexa (objective 3rd-party) data here: )

Where does your Money Go ?

  • to improve Indyish’s free online tools (making it easier for indie artists to blog, podcast and post products)
  • to advertising and promotions, in order to increase the visibility of our members and sponsors
  • to help support Indyish event productions

To Place Order or for more Info

  • email us: ads @
  • phone us: contact Risa Dickens at 514 691 9991
Advertising Placements include your image (for graphic ads), link to your site, link hover text, and the ability to change your ad several times over the course of the month, just by emailing new designs.

Your ad appears on every page, to every viewer, in a featured spot in our design, for the entire month. Contact us for most recent pricing.

Let us know you’re interested and we’ll send you an invoice with the option to pay via Credit, PayPal or Cheque.

Thanks for considering!

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