Fashion Pop, Pop Pops a Lot


Last night I headed over to Notman House down on Sherbrooke, west of St Laurent, to pick up my Pop Pass and check out the swag bag and generally dip  myself into the lovin that is Pop Montreal. Notman at 8pm on Wednesday, the first night of Pop Montreal, was quieter then I'd seen it, full of volunteers and a few stragglers like me and a general air of recent hurry and hectic slowly starting to simmer down. Upstairs in the artist lounge the bar was mostly empty and the video game consoles looked a little sad, but hopeful. If I can make it back to Notman House Saturday at 5pm for the BBQ with More or Les I will, bc when Notman is is Pop hoppin, it’s delicious.

I hopped on the 80 bus north up Parc Ave to Bernard and found everyone, crowded around a well lit spot on the floor of the beautiful Rialto, waiting for the fashion. Every year Fashion Pop gets better. The venue was incredibly gorgeous this year, I hope the Rialto settles on a regular rental rate for that room that makes it accessible enough to be open as a venue all the time, because that would be great for our community, and much more practical than sitting empty and pretty. The 6 designers chosen by the beloved Marilis Cardinal and the Fashion Pop team were great. Natasha Thomas was named the winner by a judging panel including former winners, which I think is a nice way for the event to grow.

Thomas’ collection (sampled above) included some fresh shapes, in particular the little trench which will be great for breezy days in spring. From an event standpoint, I was bummed that there was no catwalk, or even risers, for the models, and that they didn’t walk across the raised stage either. This meant that the majority of the crowd couldn’t see the clothes at all, which is not the ideal situation at a fashion show, but hopefully we’ll see tons of photos going online. All in all, a bright start to a fall festival that promises much that is lovely.

What do you want to see at Montrealthis year?

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