~The Egyptian Festival ~Presents: The Reda Troup~ Montreal-Calgary~ Ottawa


Note: Some of you are familiar with the term bellydance. What we call bellydance is a theatrical version of the social folk dance done in Egypt. The folkloric dances of Egypt are the true essence of Egypt. Orientale dancers in Egypt and around the world have studied his dance techniques and history. ~The Reda Troupe will introduce you to the folklore of Egypt and it’s rich musical heritage. Enjoy~

The Egyptian Ministry Of Culture In cooperation with the Egyptian Canadian Friendship Association in Canada PRESENTS:

~The Egyptian Festival ~ Montreal~ Ottawa~ Calgary
Our Special Guest: Egypt’s national asset and Ambassadors of Dance

~The Reda Group~

Please note the various dates:
Souper Spectacle
Date : le vendredi 6 novembre Heure : 20:30
Lieu : Chateau Royal, Laval
For reservations: reservation@egyptianfestival.net
Group Discounts: Buy 10 tickets -$50 discount

avec la Troupe Mahmoud Reda, le chanteur egyptien Hossam Ceif, Serge Bedrossian, possiblement Mahmoud Reda lui-même.

Please Visit: http://egyptianfestival.net/
For more info and venue address of Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary shows.

About the Reda Group:
Video: http://egyptianfestival.net/fest2009video.asp
http://egyptianfestival.net/reda.html (Arabic only)

about Mahmoud Reda and The Reda Group

Born on 18 March 1930 in Cairo, Egypt, Mahmoud Reda is a pioneer of dance theater in Egypt. Soloist, choreographer and director of hundreds of productions, Mahmoud Reda has toured in more than 60 countries, performing on the world’s most prestigious stages. He has also been principal actor, dancer and choreographer in popular Egyptian films. Mahmoud Reda has been universally acclaimed for his dance with the strength of and appeal of a Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire.

In 1959 he founded the first folk dance company, The Reda Band, which consisted only of 15 members , all dancers.

Mahmoud Reda began traveling to every town in Egypt from South to North, East to West. He wanted to see everything about his own country: How people lived, acted, dressed, moreover, how they danced.

He had his cassette-recording camera with him at all the time; he was also photographing the people and recording the music.

Mahmoud Reda took the most important elements from each town in Egypt to create his own dance, thus creating Egyptian dance folklore to be put on stage.

Today,it has more than 150 talented members including dancers , musicians and technicians . The band has presented more than 300 shows including dances and folkloric songs , ballads , with different rhythm and different features creating an atmosphere of entertainment and happiness .

For reservations: reservation@egyptianfestival.net

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Team Egyptian Festival- Montreal branch

Event Date: 2009-09-30 - 2009-09-30

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