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Hey faithful readers, here are some emails recently sent out to Assembly 2.0 participants. I think they might be useful to understanding why we do the Assembly relay project and why we do it the way we do it. Having said that, and once you read this post, please please please comment or send emails [assembly at indyish dot com] with suggestions and feedback about your experience in the Assembly, or in similar projects, or just ideas about collaboration and so on. I want to change the Assembly each time we do it, not with the aim of getting closer and closer to a “perfect relay”, but using our collective experience to better facilitate creative work each time round, based on the participants involved and the community we work in. And that includes you!

On June 26th:

[...] Over the next few weeks, I’m posting each individual step of the 12 projects that made it to the end of the relay, plus the pieces that made it part way through. All the scripts were uploaded to Celtx Project Central as writers finished them, and many of the illustrations were added to scripts and uploaded as well.

Video and photos were taken at the performances. These will be included in the posts going up on indyish and on the dvd we’re putting together of the project. Two video clips have already been shared with snippets of the two nights.

Friday show here.
Saturday show here.

For a list of the projects that were performed each night, check the show lists.

Every post about the Assembly 2.0 is tagged and can be found at:

[...] Also, feedback for the uber-helpful folks at Celtx is still appreciated if you had any snags or have questions. The Assembly 2.0 forum will be closing now that the relay is over, but please check out the support forums to ask questions and suggest new features.

[...] Last thing, copies of the Assembly 1.0 Scriptbook, Projectbook, and DVD are all available and lovely. Support the Assembly by picking up a copy and learn more about the history of the project.

Thanks so much for your participation!! We doubled the number of projects that were completed in the first Assembly, and the work was extremely eclectic and interesting to read, watch, and listen to.

Then on June 27th,

As an explanation to those whose work wasn’t performed:

What made it through the relay wasn’t based solely on quality of work. It depended on a lot of factors:

-length for production in 48 hours
-number of characters
-simple/elaborate setting
-difficulty in making the piece work with amateur or professional actors
-ability to incorporate music

But after all this, actors could change the scripts as much as they wanted to produce them. So when we met with actors at the Fringe, we handed round the scripts and acting groups picked which they were most personally inspired by and felt they could work with to create a piece of their own.

All the scripts and illustrations and script re-writes will be published in the Assembly 2.0 Projectbook, and your work is cc attribution 2.5 which means you can reproduce your work in other ways or make changes and use it for something else.

The nature of this project means that the passes are intimately related to participants’ personal artistic visions. We actually think this is what makes the project worth doing; the art that is made in the Assembly is in fact the story of each project and its unique journey, not just the individual pieces themselves. That’s why we stress publishing everything that was made with commentary on how the relay was run.

[To answer one artist's question about resubmitting work now with edits for the Projectbook, we will be including the versions that were submitted during the Assembly, as these are the true artifacts of what was passed within the relay. If this poses a serious problem for any artists, they can contact me privately, but I don't think this should be an issue. Please include links to your current work in your bio if you'd like to show readers more representative pieces.]

While this information was shared with you in the rules that accompanied the Celtx projects, I believe it’s worth reiterating for everyone now that the relay has ended and the dust is clearing.

Thanks again for opening yourself to an experimental art project like this.

Keep the comments coming!

So yeah, keep the comments coming. The larger narrative that you helped build by writing a script or acting in a play is immensely valuable to our development, as is your feedback. I’m looking forward to putting everything together in the Projectbook and getting a sense of the entire Assembly 2.0, because the performances are not the culmination of your work; they are a destination to work toward while inside the relay. But I’ve now blabbed enough to sufficiently overstress the value of the process.

Thank you guys!!

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